It is the beginning of the school year and I consider this an appropriate time for me to write this proposal. I am aware that our teachers are stretched to the limit presenting courses within the school curriculum. However I believe that schools should teach students some very important aspects of daily living. If teachers are not able to do so, then schools should recruit other individuals to teach specially designed courses. In this post I will present some topics which should be covered in these courses. These courses could be presented in a most entertaining manner that would engage the students throughout.

Here are some points that should be included in these courses.

Respect Others

Young people should be taught to respect others and to accept them as equals. It is becoming most necessary to understand that other people’s religions, cultures and traditions are just as valuable as our own. We should not force our beliefs and ideas on others. All should recognize that we can practice our religions freely and that no one will take objection to what we do. Accept each other for whom and what they are and give them respect.

Teach Love and Not Hate

The future will be great if all of us would avoid hating other people. Hate should be avoided and not used at all. Hate generates violence, distrust and unhappiness. We do not want this. We want to see people love each other, reach out to each other and be kind towards others. You are more relaxed when you love each other. Love removes negativity.

Self Esteem

Young people must have self-esteem which is a basic psychological need. Self-esteem is the acceptance of ourselves, by ourselves, for whom and what we are at any time in our life. It would be how valuable, important or worthwhile we think we are as people. When we have high self-esteem we are able to cope with the challenges of life and it enables us to recognize our weaknesses and be content about our happiness, our achievements and our success.

Potential to Succeed

It is imperative that young people are made to believe that they can succeed in this world and that they have the potential to do well in life. There is a need to nurture confidence in our young that there are opportunities to be enjoyed and that they can seize these opportunities and be successful. Whatever their backgrounds every child has the potential to do well and to be happy.

Positive Attitude

Young people can be taught to be positive. Only then will they find that life is good. It would also help them to avoid conflict and tension. With a positive attitude, they would be able to handle the demands of school work better and later the challenges of life.


Students can be taught how to be happy. When they are happy they will not grudge what other people have, resent others and be hateful. Life then can be wonderful. Staying happy is easy once we know of things and activities that we can do to make ourselves happy.

Using Hand phones

People should not be looking at text messages and other information on their hand phones while they are walking on the streets, going up an escalator or crossing a road. Accidents can happen. Many a time I have had to stop to avoid bumping into the other person and falling over. People should not use their hand phone to text a message or surf the net as they walk down a crowded passage, a narrow pathway or a busy pavement.

When someone looks at his or her phone as they are going up the escalator, they will slow down and take their time at the end of the escalator, thereby raising your anxiety if you are behind him or her as you may fall over him or her. People should stand aside and make their calls away from everyone else and not be an obstruction to others.

When we use hand phones we should not shout or speak loudly.

Crossing the Road

Students should be taught to cross roads solely at pedestrian crossings and in a straight line. They should not do so diagonally. When they do so they can cause accidents to happen. The failure to observe this can cause disruption or hesitation, both of which can cause drivers to fail in their own care that may lead to accidents.

When people stop suddenly as they are walking they could also cause an accident as the people behind might not be able to stop fast enough.

Be Caring and Kind

So much can be done in schools to get our students to be caring and kind to others. When people care for others and provide good service to others the world will be a happier place.


These are just some topics which should be discussed with young people. You may have some others to add as well.

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