Women who go out to work often have to undertake the task of housework as well and this can be very exhausting for the women. Some women can afford to have maids to help them in their task of looking after the home. The greater majority though, cannot afford maids and therefore, have to juggle their time to perform their chores and yet be in a fit state for work. Should these women involve their husbands in the housework as well? Men can help out with the household chores. They can help to clean, to look after the children, to put the washing in the machine and to undertake the shopping. ... [read more]


Definition of Success Success is difficult to define. It is personal and each person attains success in their own way. David Bellamy, the great environmentalist, defined success as being able to do what you set out to do. The former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair believes that “success incorporates more than just your own individual has to be about contributing to society or to the world around you.” Likewise, S R Nathan, the previous President of Singapore, said “your success will be measured by your contributions to society, and by a selfless motivation to add value to ... [read more]


It is not difficult to get on with your colleagues at the workplace. It just requires some effort on your part to put into practice the following suggestions. One of the best ways to reach out to others is to develop a genuine interest in people. Not only should you be happy to interact with others, you should also let them know that they are important to you. From time to time let your colleagues know that you appreciate their advice, their help and their company. Show Appreciation When you see good qualities in other people, do not hesitate to show your appreciation. Let people ... [read more]