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Women who go out to work often have to undertake the task of housework as well and this can be very exhausting for the women. Some women can afford to have maids to help them in their task of looking after the home. The greater majority though, cannot afford maids and therefore, have to juggle their time to perform their chores and yet be in a fit state for work. Should these women involve their husbands in the housework as well?

Men can help out with the household chores. They can help to clean, to look after the children, to put the washing in the machine and to undertake the shopping. Tradition has dictated that men do not do these tasks and men expect women to do them. Women feel guilty about not doing them because their mothers did them. Men have had their mothers and sisters perform these tasks for them before and so, they generally assume that there will always be a woman to clean up after them. Too often too, women do not ask men to perform these tasks because they feel that men are not able to perform them as well as they can.

Women should not be afraid to ask men to clean up and undertake other household tasks. They should not feel guilty when they do so. They should not expect their partners or spouses to be perfect the first time they undertake the task. Women should realise that if the man has not done it before then he cannot be expected to get it right the first time. They should not set high standards and they should be patient with their man. It is only too easy to take over and to do it yourself. If you keep giving in this way, the man will soon learn how to get away from doing any of the work. They should also let men try and do things their way…after all, the end and not the means is what is more important. To get men to help with the housework, you could first get them to plan for the household. They can help decide on the jobs that have to be completed and the person responsible for each task. Regular family meetings should be held to decide on the sharing of responsibilities, planning meals, family activities and household chores.

What Men Can Learn

Men are not inept at housework. They can learn to clean and cook if they put their minds to it. Those who have had a military training are quite capable of cleaning and polishing, of moving articles and equipment. Those who have lived away from home would also have learnt how to fend for themselves. Men can reach the inner ends of cupboards and reach the taller shelves fairly easily. Encourage your spouse to undertake some household chores by telling him that housework is good therapy. It can help him work off his frustrations after a tough day at the office! Working on household chores is also a good form of exercise.

Have a Plan

If you are a newly married couple then you should plan a schedule for the housework. Either assign tasks to each other on a long–term basis or design a schedule each week. A weekly schedule will ensure that each person will do different chores each week. The change that you get with this might reduce the sense of routine and drudge. It will also mean that some of the more unpleasant jobs are shared between you.

If you have been married for some time and, if each is set in his or her way, then some negotiation and contract agreement might be necessary. Tell your spouse what needs to be done. Do not expect him to know this without your telling him. Be specific about what needs to be done.

Draw up a plan for cleaning, laundry and food preparation. List out the tasks involved. Use them as a checklist to ensure that things get done and that standards of quality are maintained.

Men Cooking

It can be a pleasurable exercise for a couple, if they learn to cook together. Get the man involved in cutting up the ingredients for a meal, in cooking it and setting table. The fun that the couple will experience can bind them closer together. Some men enjoy cooking and they derive much pleasure from producing great meals!


Women should be quick to see through the feeble excuses that men sometimes give to avoid having to undertake these chores. All they need to do is to be firm but gentle. They should also be open and positive about their requests. They should avoid being too aggressive and fierce and neither should they nag and grumble.

Men must recognize that if women and men do much the same work outside the home, then they can share the same kinds of work inside the home as well. Men have a role to play in the home. They are, after all, fathers and husbands. The traditional role of men as breadwinners and income earners is not a reality any more.