The reports in the media about violent behaviour, dishonest practices, intolerant responses and unnecessary cruelty reveal that there is a great and urgent need for us to develop people of good character. We must talk a lot more about what is good character and how our character can help us to respond well to situations. Parents, teachers, friends and colleagues can help and guide each other and young people to develop good character. In this post I would like to review the definitions of character, the ways we develop character and what people of good character are like. I will also discuss ... [read more]


In this post I share with you my views about the Media and Ageism and I provide some suggestions on how to counteract stereotypes. Many people do not look forward to getting older because of the many stereotypes associated with Aging. Aging though is wonderful. There is so much that we can do with our time and ourselves. We need to stay active and engage in many new activities, in particular, activities we have not had the opportunity to try. Embrace Aging with joy. I quote Pope Paul VI who said, “The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune.” Let us all then, young and old, work together to dis ... [read more]


In this post I wish to share with you positive attitudes and attributes towards work which would help an employee to produce good work. Favourable attitudes are desired as they tend to be connected with the positive outcomes that employers want. Negative attitudes may result in work slowdowns, absences and employee turnover. They may also be a cause of grievances, low performance, poor product quality, employee theft and disciplinary problems. If the employee who joins the organisation already has the desired work attitudes and attributes, then that organisation will stand to profit from the ... [read more]