All of us want to live life to the fullest. We want to stay fulfilled and happy. We want positive interactions in our relationships with others. There is much that we can do for ourselves to help us to live well. In this post I share with you some ideas and measures that you can implement to make your life exciting, fulfilled and delightful. These measures are easy to apply and their benefits are great! When you wake up each morning you will feel fabulous, ready to face any challenges which come your way. Stay happy, stay positive and live well! Be Yourself Do not live your life ... [read more]


It is the beginning of the school year and I consider this an appropriate time for me to write this proposal. I am aware that our teachers are stretched to the limit presenting courses within the school curriculum. However I believe that schools should teach students some very important aspects of daily living. If teachers are not able to do so, then schools should recruit other individuals to teach specially designed courses. In this post I will present some topics which should be covered in these courses. These courses could be presented in a most entertaining manner that would engage the ... [read more]


Most people I know would like to see the end of 2015. It has been a year of disasters, tragedies and violence. It has been an unhappy time for many. So many people have been made homeless and have had to seek refuge in other countries. Many others have been stricken by disease or affected by the economic and financial problems within their countries. People have had to queue at the banks only to be allowed to withdraw a small sum of money. Food has not been readily available to many. In short 2015 has not been a good year. With hope in our hearts we look forward to a better year in 2016. In ... [read more]