Besides the fact that Laughter makes us stay happy, there are many other reasons why we need to laugh more often. In this post I will discuss some of the reasons why Laughter is good for us. I will also suggest to you ways to inculcate Laughter in your daily life. I will share with you some ways to develop a sense of humour. In my discussion I will highlight how Laughter helps to relieve stress, something which each and every one of us experiences from time to time. Laughter is the best medicine and I want to urge you to laugh a lot more.

Physical Effects of Laughter

When we laugh there is a burst of happiness in us. Physically, our body goes through change when we laugh. The muscles on our face stretch, our pulse and blood pressure increase, and as we breathe faster, we take in more oxygen into our bodies. Our blood circulates better when we laugh. In effect when we laugh we experience a good work-out.

Research studies have revealed that Laughter helps to boost the immune system. The body is better able to fight infection. People who laugh more are less likely to be sick. Other studies have indicated that Laughter can also help to lower blood sugar levels. It can boost your energy and it helps you to relax. One writer found that Laughter helped him to cope with severe pain and he was able to sleep.

Our Well-Being

There is no doubt that Laughter helps to improve our well-being. Our spirits are lifted when we laugh and we are happy. Laughter empowers us and gives us vitality. My own experience with laughing often is that I feel joyous and full of zest!

Laughter makes us forget our problems. If we can laugh at our mistakes and on occasions when we feel embarrassed, we can stay happy. If you have been reading my Blog, you would have read of some of my embarrassing moments and how I laugh at them. Happiness comes to us too when we can laugh at ourselves and when we do not take ourselves too seriously.

Laughter helps to reduce Depression and Anxiety. Whatever issues that may cause you to be anxious will not seem so difficult if you laugh a little more. You will feel that you are better able to handle challenges that come before you. Laughter helps us to be more positive and optimistic about Life. You become more resilient and you look forward to the future. You hope for the best!

Laughing Together

When we are with others, in a group, for example, we feel closer to each other when we laugh together. When we share jokes, swop humorous anecdotes and laugh out loud we feel good towards each other. One of my greatest pleasures is to sit round a table eat, drink and have fun conversations together. This make me feel very happy and I am sure that you too will find this the case.

When I have a humorous encounter with someone, be it a stranger or a person I know, generally, that person sees me as friendly and fun. I also feel good myself. This is why I am suggesting that you do the same. From my experiences with others, I have found that people are attracted to you if you laugh and smile often.

Social Benefits of Laughter

There are many social benefits of laughter. I will mention a few here. One valuable benefit is that it promotes creativity. Laughter also increases and improves communication between people. When we can laugh with each other, we avoid misunderstandings and our communication is better. Laughter makes us feel good about ourselves and this enhances our self-esteem.

When we work together and laugh together, our productivity levels go up. We perform more work and we complete our tasks on time. Our leadership skills are enhanced if we can laugh with our colleagues. Humour is a great asset! When we work in teams, it helps to laugh with each other often as the teamwork is enhanced. The group feels good together and the bonding is great. Conflict between members is reduced if and when we use laughter often.
The Management Guru, Tom Peters said, “Have a collegial, yeasty, zany, laughter-filled environment where folks support one another.”

Ways to Cultivate Laughter

The following are some ways that you can try to help you laugh more:

Be with other people and you will laugh more. Make friends with fun people, people who view things from a humorous viewpoint and people who are positive. They also laugh often.

At a party or even at work, if you hear others laughing do not hesitate to go to them and ask them to share their joke or funny anecdote with you.

Learn great jokes and practice telling them well. Other people will also share with you their jokes and you will be laughing.

Watch comedy videos and shows. There are many free videos on YouTube and there are some good comedy shows on Television. Attend Stand-Up comedy routines. Watch a comedy drama at a theatre.

Read the cartoons and comic strips in the newspapers and magazines.

Place happy things and funny objects around you, things that will bring a smile to your face and a laugh as well.

Do laughter exercises.

Read humorous articles and books.

Learn to poke fun at yourself and not to take yourself seriously.

Start each day with a laugh and stay lively throughout the day.


Start laughing a lot more from today. You will be able to cope with challenges and be happy. As someone said, “Laughter is the jam on the toast of life. It adds flavour; it keeps it from being too dry, and makes it easier to swallow.”

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