My title is a quotation from Margaret Thatcher. Yes, men can be difficult and ugly sometimes. In this post, I would like to describe to you some types of men that are not attractive. My purpose for doing so is to hope that men who read this and who can recognize some of the characteristics in themselves will change. They should do this for themselves and for the women in their lives. Please do not think that I dislike men. On the contrary, like the legendary Mae West who said this, “I like two kinds of men—domestic and foreign.”

Mr Selfish

Let us begin with Mr. Selfish. He is the one who spends long hours at the Golf Club playing golf and then chatting with his buddies at the 19th Hole. He is the one who will use the only car the family has and let his wife and children struggle with public transport. Mr. Selfish expects a hot meal on the table whatever time he returns home. He will leave his socks and shoes scattered all over expecting someone else to pick up after him. Mr. Selfish wants his wife to drive him to places and she has to sacrifice her time and her activities for him. When Mr. Selfish watches Television with his wife he is not interested in what she likes to see. He will insist that they watch his favourite programmes. Inevitably these are sports programmes.

Mr Religious

Then there is Mr. Religious. He goes by the book or by tribal practices, quoting his right to do this and that. But he fails to read the text closely and interprets things to suit himself. He practices Polygamy and he will divorce his wives quickly and when it suits him. He thinks that he is right to live in the way that he does. He is the Lord of the Household and his wives are his subordinates.

Mr Fast Car

Another specimen is Mr. Fast Car. He drives a Ferrari and might have a Lamborghini in his drive way. He loves racing down streets and revving his engines, particularly when he is at the traffic lights. This will inevitably get him the attention that he so desperately is seeking.

Mr Know-It-All

I am sure you would have met Mr. Know-It-All at some time or other. He is the one who will impress you with information about everything. He can tell you about things which others do not know about. He knows because he is in the know with the people who know!

Mr Spouse Bully

Then there is Mr. Spouse Bully. This is the man who only thinks of himself and does not care about his wife. He will ignore his wife’s attempts to get him to leave a party even when she is not well. Instead he will tell everyone present that his wife is used to his drinking and partying habits. He would probably have been married to her for years.

Mr Double Standards

The one I find most offensive is Mr. Double Standards. He will insist that his wife is all covered up as modesty, he maintains, is important to him. While his wife is fully covered, he will, instead, be dressed in shorts and open T-Shirt. The hairs on his legs will be long, curly, very dark and might even be waving in the wind. They will be crying out to everyone, “Eh! You! Look at me, I am man, I am strong!” Modesty is not for him but for his wife.

Mr Hypocrite

Mr. Hypocrite is the one who will pretend to be the good and responsible citizen. Everyone thinks that he is the caring husband, father and son. He gives the impression that he upholds filial piety and that he is a loving husband. In reality, he treats his parents shabbily and he is harsh with his wife.

Mr Lover Boy

Over the years, there is one male specimen that I most dislike and this is, Mr. Lover Boy. Mr. Lover Boy is generally an important person in the organization for which he works. For example, he could be the Chief Executive Officer of that company. Mr. Lover Boy is usually married to a woman who patiently puts up with his womanizing. Yes, Mr. Lover Boy is the womanizer who preys on the women in his office. There will always be some women who will fall for him particularly the ones who believe that they can get a quick promotion, a bigger bonus or some extra perks! Mr. Lover Boy is oblivious of the pain and suffering that his wife has to endure. He continues to satisfy his lust with one woman after another.

Mr Mobile Hands

Have you met Mr. Mobile Hands? He is the one who, on buses and trains, will stand close to you and then place his hands on you. He can’t keep his hands to himself and loves touching women. Women do not behave this way and the question that is often asked is, “Why do men do this?”

Mr Must Have It My Way

What do you think of Mr. Must Have It My Way? He is the one who will not make any compromises. He is not prepared to make adjustments, changes and modifications to his lifestyle and to his behaviour. He wants things the way he had them. He wants to continue enjoying what he has always enjoyed. For example, one Mr. Must Have It My Way wanted to divorce his wife of eight months because she could not cook like his mother! It never occurred to him that he should get his mother to teach him how to cook. He also could not see what fun he could have brought into his married life if he and his wife did the cooking together. Just picture the young couple in the kitchen, cooking with a recipe from his mother. They could chop the vegetables, meat or fish, pause, sip some wine or fruit juice from a glass, kiss and hug each other before going to the next stage of their cooking process.

Men..you do not have to be difficult and ugly. You can change for the better and you can make the women in your life happy!

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