Recently, I conducted a workshop on Happiness. The workshop was stimulating, fun and most enjoyable, thanks to the participants who were active and engaged throughout the session. I asked the participants to let me have what they think they should do to be happier. I collated their responses and, with their permission, I would like to share them with you. There is no order of importance and the categories are listed in alphabetical order. As you can see from the statements below, it does not cost much nor is it too difficult to be happy. The ideas presented here are simple and easy to apply. Try them out and let us know if you enjoy more happiness. You may have your own ideas as to what you should do to be happier. Perhaps you might like to share these with us.

Avoid Worrying

Try not to worry and be happy
Not worry so much
Not allow problems to hold you down. Instead to move on
Accept challenges

Be Kind

Practice acts of kindness with passion
Help other people

Community Service

Dedicate time for community and voluntary services
To undertake more voluntary work


Cultivate a happy environment with passion
Live simply with loved ones

Every Day

Read and apply the Happiness Declaration
Make myself happy everyday


Spend more time with my family and to truly enjoy myself
Improve relations with my family
Go on vacation with my family
Spend more quality time with my family
Make my children happy


Appreciate the little things that people do for me
Practice gratitude more
Thank God every day for giving us many happy things in our life.


Maintain good health for myself and my family.


Laugh more


Enjoy life to the fullest
Live life with a focus
Live a more fulfilled life


Love and to be loved
Say “I love you” more often
Have someone to hug, kiss, love and care

Personal Skills

Be a better listener
Be more organised in daily routine
Use time management


Have better relationships
Be a helpful friend
Make others happy
Praise people more often
Motivate others
Improve relations with my friends
Greet others
Be considerate
Not bother with negative comments
Wish everyone to be happy and confident
Look for the good in others
Forgive others and not be offended
Be friendly with everyone
Express feelings spontaneously
Make one person more confident


Sing songs like “Beautiful Sunday”


Smile a lot more
Maintain a happy face
Get work colleagues to smile
Present a good smile to others

Stay Positive

Be positive and look on the bright side of life
Be optimistic
Be with positive people


Travel to places like Alaska and Canada
Travel more and gain experiences
Travel more to acquire cultural experience
Work while travelling to acquire experiences


Have a job

Take action and make yourselves happy. Let me leave you with this quotation from Aristotle, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”


  1. With all those you have shared, also live without jealousy, greed or envious…
    for all these brings misery to oneself.

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