Many funny incidents have occurred in my life and together they have made my life exciting. They have challenged me to be a better person and they have helped me to develop a greater sense of humour. These incidents have added zest and zing to my life and I am grateful to have experienced them. Reflecting on them generates a sense of fun. I feel good and excited about people, places and things. It also makes me look forward to the future and to another fun experience. I have described some of these experiences in earlier posts and I want to share two more with you here. You will have a good laugh!

Incident Number One

Some time ago, the spouse (His Highness) and I were invited to a friend’s sixtieth birthday party. It was held at a country club which we had not been to before. The country club is a large sprawling establishment. When we arrived we were told by the security guards to go to the extreme right where there were some function rooms. The guards told us that there was a party in one of the function rooms. When we got into the building, there was a reception desk in front of the room and a sign which said, “Happy sixtieth birthday”. No one was at the desk. We were obviously early as there were not many people in the room.

The room was decorated for a party and His Highness and I chose to sit at a table away from the door. As more people came in, I went outside and handed the gifts we had brought to a young woman who was at the desk. We had brought a bottle of wine and a small gift. I signed the book wishing our friend, the very best for her birthday. I also added, “may you stay as bubbly as you are now.” Our friend, you see, has a terrific sense of humour. I went back to the room. A waiter served us some wine and we drank the wine and looked at all the people who came in. We did not recognize anyone.

A young man came up to us and spoke to us. He asked us how we knew his mother and we told him that we had met her at the home of a mutual friend. He talked with us for a while and then offered us more wine. We saw a compere and disc jockey come in and soon there was music. At this stage, His Highness and I started to wonder if we were in a wrong room as we could not see any one we knew. His Highness decided to leave the room to check if there was another party taking place elsewhere.

Shortly after he left the room, the lights of the room were dimmed and the compere announced the entrance of the birthday lady. She walked in slowly. She was petite and demure, quite unlike our friend. I was now sure that I was at someone else’s party. I jumped up and decided to move out of the room before the lights came up. I was too embarrassed to face the birthday lady and her family. I practically ran out of the building and met His Highness half way down the driveway.

We had been at the wrong party. Apparently, we should have gone to the main clubhouse where our friend’s party was being held. When we got to the right venue, our friends just roared with laughter at our predicament and plied us with more wine. Who would have expected two sixtieth birthday parties to be held at one venue on the same day! I can assure you that it took me a very long while to get over the embarrassment!

Incident Number Two

One other funny, zany incident that happened to me took place many years ago in Scotland. His Highness and I were staying at a hotel at Loch Lomond. When we checked in, we noted that the hotel had us registered for only one night and not two as we had requested. His Highness pointed this out to the receptionist and she said that she would make the change. We checked into our room and later went down for drinks at the bar before dinner. His Highness ordered a local ale as he wanted to sample it.

The next morning after breakfast we decided to go for a drive to admire the scenery. We had a small cabin bag and placed it in the boot of our car. We drove off. After driving for some time we noticed a police car speeding towards us. The police indicated to us to pull up, which we did. They then asked us why we had left the hotel without settling our bill. We were taken aback and I must admit I was quite petrified. We told the officers that we were not leaving that day and that our suitcases were in the hotel room. The officers accompanied us back to the hotel and the receptionist apologised for failing to correct our length of stay in the hotel register. As such another staff member thought we had left without paying particularly, as he had seen us putting a small bag into the car.

That evening when we went down to the restaurant for dinner there were two drinks for us which the receptionist had ordered. It was her way of apologising for what had happened. The drinks were the same as the ones we had ordered the night before. It was a kind gesture on the part of the receptionist but unfortunately, unknown to the receptionist, His Highness had not enjoyed the local ale. He would have preferred another drink!

Life Is Interesting

When I look back on many of these zany experiences in my life I feel that life has been interesting for me. Life is fun!

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