In this post I review the events, issues, people and situations which have affected us. Much has happened to bring about change in the way we live, the way we think and the way we feel towards one another. Life is no longer easy and simple. Security measures have been enhanced as terrorism continues to threaten the world. Travel has become more complicated. Health issues have become significant as diseases spread rapidly and kill. Many more people are on the poverty line and are not getting enough food to eat. Education and training are denied to many in some countries. There are a larger number of elderly people who are lonely and poor. Let me share with you some of the issues which have affected me.


ISIS continues to inflict violence and cruelty on innocent people. The rape and sexual assault of young girls and women which the members of ISIS continue to practice reveal their lack of humanity. Add to this the way they sell these young women as slaves, with their necks and legs chained to men and you see a picture of savage cruelty that you would not expect in the 21st Century. What has happened to morals, human rights, respect and equality? Are we back in the medieval period of civilization? Can we describe these people as civilized? How can they claim to be religious if they engage in such barbaric practices?

The cruel beheading of innocent British and American journalists and aid workers further enhance the image that ISIS has created for itself as one of a demonic organisation. The shocking and unnecessary killing of David Haines, the British aid worker is repulsive and ugly.

If the media reports are true, one of the three wives which the ISIS leader has was captured recently with their young son. It is alleged that the ISIS leader made a phone call to ask for the release of his son. No mention was made in the media of a request for the release of his wife. If this is true it shows that he has put more importance on his son than his wife.

President Bashar-al-Assad

Why do leaders like President Assad of Syria cling to power and remain indifferent to the plight of their people? Surely rational thinking would spur one to leave? Since the outbreak of dissent all President Assad has done is to crush the dissent and inflict brutality on his own people. Millions of Syrians are now refugees in other countries. Many have lost their homes, their property and their precious belongings. They have had to flee their villages, their districts and their country. Their children have little or no food, their education has been interrupted and life is one hard struggle.

How indeed can a leader like President Assad just watch all this happen and not feel a thing? Leaders are there to make the lives of those they lead comfortable and good. If you cannot do this and if the majority of your people dislike you, then you should give up your position and let someone else take over. Shame on President Assad that he continues to hold on to his power as his people are suffering so much!

Men Who Treat Women Poorly

It is disappointing to see men treat women as second class citizens, as subordinates and give them little respect. In some societies women are not allowed to drive. A woman friend of mine who visits Jeddah often told me that she was glad not to be able to drive in Jeddah because there are men there who drive in a wild manner. This includes motorcyclists as well. My response to this is that as long as the authorities permit men to behave in this manner they will drive badly and intimidate others. Surely discipline and order should be introduced. Men should just grow up and be matured!

Often I see middle-eastern men and women walking on our streets. The women will be covered up in black with just slits for their eyes. The men will be dressed in shorts and T-shirts. The hair on their legs, their chests and their arms will be screaming out to you, “Look at me, I am man!” I regard this practice as one of double standards.

In many countries men still do not treat women as equals. They maintain an attitude that women are not good enough to serve on Boards, to take on Ministerial positions and to lead in many other areas. Attitudes have to change and sexist practices must stop.


The outbreak of Ebola and the loss of so many lives in Africa have made me realise that all of this could have been prevented if better health care had been implemented in these countries. People have suffered and the disease has spread because of insufficient facilities and trained health care workers. I am deeply saddened at the suffering and deaths that have taken place. My heart goes out to the orphans and to others who have lost their loved ones.

Governments should work at putting into place systems and facilities for the people. When these countries achieved independence the people who took over should have worked to improve the lives of the people. Some countries have been riddled with corruption and they have failed to organise their resources. It is the responsibility of Governments to develop and improve the different sectors of the economy.

My Wish

As 2014 ends and we move into a new year, let us see an end to unnecessary violence and brutality. Let us work towards living a life of harmony and peace with people of different religions, beliefs and faiths. Let us love each other and accord respect to all. Let us see men change their attitudes towards women and let us see women be given the opportunity to take positions of leadership everywhere. Let us see an end to double standards and see equality flourish.

May we also see an end to poverty and corruption, to the enhancement of health, education and social facilities in all countries and to the development of prosperity in all nations. Finally, may we see leaders treat their people with kindness, respect and goodwill and may we see unpopular leaders step down to make way for better leaders.



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