Most people I know would like to see the end of 2015. It has been a year of disasters, tragedies and violence. It has been an unhappy time for many. So many people have been made homeless and have had to seek refuge in other countries. Many others have been stricken by disease or affected by the economic and financial problems within their countries. People have had to queue at the banks only to be allowed to withdraw a small sum of money. Food has not been readily available to many. In short 2015 has not been a good year. With hope in our hearts we look forward to a better year in 2016. In this post I would like to share with you what I would like to see in 2016.

Role and Responsibilities of Leaders

I wish to see leaders of nations recognize their role and responsibilities as leaders. They will note that it is their job to provide for the development of their nations and to attend to the happiness of their people. They must help the citizens of their nations lead significant productive lives and they must provide for all the necessary facilities for good living. This will include healthcare, education, security, transportation and social services.

I wish for a change in the attitude of those despotic leaders who have treated their citizens so cruelly, that it has led to those citizens uprooting their homes and lives in an effort to find relief in another country. Nothing will change for the better unless those other countries cease selling them arms and act in concert to isolate or work to bring about peaceful change.

I wish too that we will see arrogant, corrupt despotic leaders being replaced by others in a democratic manner. Leaders are role models. If they project an image of corruption to the rest of the world, not only will they be viewed as corrupt but so too, will the citizens of their country. Outsiders will view them with suspicion and be wary of them.

Respect Others

People in 2016 will respect others. They will respect the different religions, cultures and traditions that other people practice. We must accept that there is no one religion which is superior and more important than others. We will give each other space to practice our religion. We must not look down on other people and it is imperative that we should consider that we are all equals.

Reduce Poverty

It is my wish that in 2016 we will see a reduction in the number of people who are poor. Greater attempts must be made to create work, introduce new economic sectors and provide for people with conditions to earn a decent income. People will have opportunities to eat better and to have access to sufficient food. There will be fewer people suffering from malnutrition. There will be fewer people succumbing to diseases. With stronger bodies people are able to work and live better. In 2016 let me see more people living healthier lives.

Provide Education

There are thousands of children in this world who cannot read. Many children too, do not go to schools. I hope that in 2016 I will see more opportunities provided for children to be educated and to acquire reading skills. International bodies and nations themselves should review what is lacking in their countries and institute change.

End Violence

My wish for 2016 is that people will regard human life as precious and not engage in futile, cruel and senseless acts of violence. They will not be so easily swayed by propaganda promoting hatred and violent attacks on others. Instead they will appreciate people for who they are and what they are and give them space to be themselves.


My fervent wish is that in 2016 we will witness a change in people’s attitude towards Women. Women will not be treated as second class citizens and as subordinates. There will be many more women employed, serving on Company Boards as Directors, more women entrepreneurs and Chief Executive Officers of Companies. There will be more women in public office and as senior members of the judiciary and civil service. Men will not regard women as objects and there will be fewer cases of domestic violence, sexual harassment, molestation and rape.


In many nations the population is aging and there is a need to review policies and programmes for seniors. Seniors will be helped to enjoy their lives and to have a happy time. I wish that everyone will recognize the contribution that seniors can provide in the work force.


My wish too is that we will have advances in technology which will help us to work smarter, be more productive and organised. Many more people will use the computer and the internet will bring more people together. They will use the computer to source for information and they will learn more effectively. I wish to also see advances in transportation that will help enhance our lives.


I wish that Art, Music, Dance and Drama will flourish as too, will Literature. I wish to see more creative entertainment introduced in 2016. New songs, new films and new plays will be produced.


I am filled with hope for 2016. It will be a better year for everyone. Good sense will prevail and people will behave well towards each other. We will reach out to others in peace and with love.

I wish you a wonderful 2016. May it bring you all that you wish for and more.


  1. There are many who will agree with your wish for this year…there are those who have so much but pretend not to notice the many poor right under their noses. They forget they can take nothing with them when they leave this life. It’s not if , it’s just when and how. We are intent on destroying this world that God has given us. The god money is worshipped by so many.
    Hope is what we must always have.That will sustain us as we band together and bang the drum together…voices that cannot be quelled or silenced.
    God sustain you and all your loved ones in the quest for a better tomorrow.

  2. Osborn Viegas says:

    Dear Zaibun,

    Let me start by wishing you and your readership a Very Happy New Year!
    Thank you as always for your understandable laments over events of 2015 and your aspirations for 2016. Whilst I share all your views on the events of 2015, I am afraid I cannot be as optimistic for 2016.
    As I peer down the retro spectroscope much of what I see represents the grim fate of fellow humans all over the world. There is no shortage of little children searching aimlessly for food only to be exploited by adults. How much worse can it get than to see a mother offer her child to an unknown person only so that she or he might have a better future? Conflict seems to have been the operative word – even the British have put boots on the ground to strengthen the accuracy of the Saudi Forces against the hapless Yemeni people while the Americans continue to support rebels in their determination to oust Assad of Syria even though they are uncertain which side these rebels are with! How evil can an individual be – even the atrocities of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi pale into insignificance when compared to the anarchy in those countries have now to contend with after their brutal deaths that were hardly becoming for any Head of State. Understandably, we wish that new leaders will truly represent their peoples’ needs and stop their obsession with self preservation.
    Besides conflict, 2015 was characterised by economic stresses with the impoverished getting poorer whilst the rich get obscenely wealthier! How much greater can the income deficit get before the poorer majority take it on themselves to confront the wealthy?
    In my view, such crises cannot augur well for 2016. Might I also add that Institutions like the IMF and World Bank are now outdated and will need to be replaced by Institutions of greater integrity so that they do not become as impotent as the other defunct Organization, the United Nations.
    We must ensure mutual respect for all at state and individual levels and education must become a human right.

    Gender equality must be a well worthwhile aspiration but shouldn’t meritocracy be the more appropriate yardstick? After all some occupations just do not lend themselves equally to both (or should it be three) sexes. I shudder to imagine how the British girls will face the demands of the front line in war and yet the politicians have seen this as correct.
    Problems of the world will only be solved from within and certainly not from without. My fervent wish for 2016 is that all humans will have similar aspirations and, more importantly, the ability to achieve these with broadly similar success. Let us hope that religion will not be used to fuel conflict. No religion that I know of would support what is going on currently and so no religion must be held responsible.

    I am sorry if this note has put a dampener on our aspirations for 2016. It only adds a new dimension to what we are all wishing for in 2016 – Happiness, contentment and Peace.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Osborn Viegas

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