Unlike Oprah Winfrey who regularly and very generously shares her favourite things with a large number of people, I am unable to give everyone any of my favourite things. I do not have the financial means to do so. I can only share my list with you. My list is not long, neither is it exhaustive. However, please check my list to see if, you too, would select some of these items as your favourite things. I have developed a love for these “things” since I was young. They are still a few of my favourite things today. The items are not listed in order of priority. You will, I am sure just love them too!


Books are just very special to me. I love holding a book in my hand, turning the pages and, if it is a new one, just smelling it. I love running my hands over the cover and just looking at it. But best of all, I am in ecstasy when I start to read the book. I revel in the words, the expressions, the literary statements. I let the words create visuals for me, generate emotions within me and fill me with joy. I love the characterizations, the deliberations about good and evil, the descriptions of places and scenes, the theories, the research and the facts, all of which are often beautifully presented. I analyse the issues, synthesise the information and am engaged throughout. Books stimulate me mentally and they excite me with the knowledge with which they provide. It is the learning, the knowledge and the new ideas that emanates from books that makes reading them intoxicating and refreshing!


Music takes me to a higher plane. I feel good, I feel happy, I feel great listening to a piece of classical music, a jazz piece, a song by a country and western singer, an aria from an opera, and to most types of music. Music makes me want to dance, to express myself, to put my arms up and to move in abandon.


People are fabulous. I love interacting with people. I smile, I laugh and I talk to anyone and everyone. People make my life interesting. They bring me joy. I love hearing about the problems that others have to face, their views on life and its challenges and what makes them happy. People often come up to me to speak to me. My philosophy is to give respect to people who earn it and deserve it. Just because you have a position does not mean that you will get respect. You have to earn it.


Food to me is not just sustenance, to keep the body working. No, food is most enjoyable. I love trying different cuisines, sampling new dishes and experimenting with new food items. It is a pleasure to sit with friends and family members at a table, indulging in good food. Shopping for food items, looking at spices and herbs, sauces, chocolates, pasta, vegetables, fish and meat and sampling them have been fabulous experiences for me. I love the smell of freshly baked cakes and bread.

The Beach

Walking on the Beach is one activity that I truly enjoy. I love the feel of the sand under my feet. If I am near the water’s edge I love the feel of the water gently brushing against my feet. Looking at the flotsam and jetsam left on the beach is so exciting. Bits of shell, some still complete and beautiful, coral, fish, crabs, stones of different hues, shapes and sizes scattered on the beach hint at the mystery and power of the sea. I can walk for miles on the beach and I love the sound of the waves as they come up to the shore. Nature is truly magnificent and we are so fortunate to be able to enjoy it.


Beautiful Works of Art fill me with delight. I love looking at art pieces in different museums and galleries. The vitality of each piece, the brilliant strokes, colours and representations of human figures, clothes, scenes and situations stimulate the emotions. I marvel at the ability of the artists to create every little detail in such splendour. Sculptures, tapestry, silver, glass, porcelain and wooden objects are always most enchanting. I am always amazed at how people who lived in the early centuries were able to create such magnificent pieces of work. I feel humble as I stand and view these pieces in museums and galleries.


Flowers of every type bring joy. I love to see them in their natural setting, in nurseries, in greenhouses and cut and displayed in vases. The shape of each flower, each petal is different. The colour of each flower is so remarkable, so outstanding and so appealing. I love orchids for this reason.


Exercise makes me feel good. When I was young I would jog every day and I frequented the gym regularly. I love to walk and I try to walk everywhere. I feel exhilarated and relaxed when I do so. Looking at me now, you will not believe that I exercise. However, when I find the time, I go to the gym. Walking is definitely a favourite activity of mine. I feel in control of myself and I love the sense of power that it gives me.

Enjoy My Favourite Things

Now, if I were Oprah Winfrey, I would send you a ticket and give you a free stay at a resort hotel. I would arrange for books in your room, musicians to play for you, an exotic meal and fun activities on the beach. Alas, I am not Oprah Winfrey! However, you can enjoy all my favourite things very easily.

Just pack a picnic basket with houmous, pumpkin dip, cheese, pita and French bread, coconut tart, raspberries and cream. Take the basket, some flowers and an art book with good illustrations of the work of the Great Masters with you to a beach. Walk on the sand, eat the different foods, look at the illustrations. Bring a device that plays music. Enjoy the music. Walk rapidly on the beach and talk to people you may see on the Beach. There you have it..all my favourite things. Enjoy them and be happy!

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