I watched the extensive coverage of the Pope’s visit to the United States of America on television. On September 24th 2015 the Pope addressed the United States Congress and on September 25th 2015, he delivered a speech to the United Nations. Both speeches were brilliant, filled with ideas of what should be done to make this world a better place. The Pope’s ideas are appropriate for all countries, for every individual. I decided to write this post highlighting some of the ideas he had expressed. I hope the Pope will forgive me as I select some of his ideas and apply them in other situations. The suggestions he made to overcome challenges and help make a better life for everyone are most impressive and we should all try to implement them.

Role of Legislators

Pope Francis reminded us that legislators are responsible for the growth of their nation. He added that legislators must defend and preserve the dignity of the citizens in “the tireless and demanding pursuit of the common good.” A political society, he added, must stimulate “the growth of all its members, especially those in situations of greater vulnerability or risk”. Pope Francis stated that “legislative activity is always based on care for the people.” Parliamentarians all over the world must uphold what the Pope has said. I would like to stress that Parliamentarians must not forget that they work for the people.

Freedom and Conflict

Pope Francis spoke of the “disturbing social and political situation of the world today.” He mentioned the violent conflict, hatred and brutal atrocities committed in the name of religion. He urged us to be attentive to every type of fundamentalism. The Pope warned us to guard against the simplistic reductionism which sees only the righteous and sinners.

Our Efforts and Cooperation

Pope Francis advised us that when we resolve our geopolitical and economic crises and when we dismantle unjust structures and actions, “our efforts must aim at restoring hope, righting wrongs, maintaining commitments and promoting the well-being of individuals and of peoples.” This aim, I believe, can be applied in many areas of life and even in the conduct of our personal activities.

The Pope spoke of the need for nations to cooperate to overcome the challenges in the world. I believe that this spirit of cooperation can be applied within individual countries too. I thought that his words, “we pool our resources and talents, and resolve to support one another, with respect for our differences and our convictions of conscience” are so appropriate for countries with a diverse population. In a country like ours with so many racial and religious groups, with different political and social groups, each having its own goals and mission, the need to cooperate for the common good becomes even more important.


Pope Francis said that “all political activity must serve and promote the good of the human person and be based on respect for his or her dignity.” I hope that politicians will adopt this mission and apply it not only in the work they do and the policies they design but also in all their interactions with the people.

Politics, the Pope stated, cannot be a slave to the economy and finance. Communities, he added, must share in justice and peace, its goods, its interests, its social life. All nations, I trust, will work to achieve this. Nations must not just have policies which will boost the economy and finance. I hope all governments will consider the needs of the people and introduce policies and programmes to help the poor, the elderly and the middle classes.

The Golden Rule

I was most taken when the Pope reminded us of the Golden Rule, which is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He elaborated, “Let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated. Let us seek for others the same possibilities which we seek for ourselves. Let us help others to grow, as we would like to be helped ourselves.” He added, “The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us.”

I urge all of us to apply the Golden Rule in everything that we do. When we do so, we will treat people with respect and dignity. It follows from this that we will not discriminate and we will not belittle and denigrate people. We will make strong and conscious efforts to be good to everyone.

Culture of Care

In his speech to Congress, the Pope spoke of the work of Dorothy Day, a social activist who worked tirelessly for the oppressed. I interpreted his mention of Dorothy Day as the Pope’s way of acknowledging the contributions of women. The Pope appealed for more to be done to combat poverty. He spoke too, of the need for dialogue. In his speech to the UN, the Pope urged government leaders to provide for all,“housing, dignified and properly remunerated employment,adequate food and drinking water, religious freedom, spiritual freedom and education.” He specifically mentioned too, the need for education for girls.

Climate Change

Much was said about the need to protect and look after our environment. Again this is something that all of us can promote. As the Pope stated “we can only survive and develop if the ecological environment is favourable.”

Other Issues

It was encouraging to hear the Pope speak of the need for government leaders to implement effective measures to eliminate the following social issues: human trafficking, the marketing of human organs and tissues, the sexual exploitation of boys and girls, slave labour, including prostitution, the drugs and weapons trade, terrorism and international organised crime.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is an extraordinary human being. He is not afraid to talk about difficult issues and challenges. He does not hesitate to urge government leaders to do more to overcome these challenges. The Pope speaks of peace, reconciliation and love. He speaks of inclusiveness and he demonstrates generosity of spirit. He wants the best for everyone. The Pope projects humility, kindness and compassion.

I would like to end this post with a statement which many kept shouting out to him during his recent visit to the USA. “I love you Pope Francis.”


  1. Zaibun, you have outlined for the benefit of those of us like me, the key points of.Pope Francis’ speeches during his recent to US. Thank you. All I remember of Pope’s visit were his spiritual powers and humanity e.g. when he lovingly touched and prayed for a child, who became well soon after the miraculous touch ( according to the child’s mother) and the incident when he asked his driver to stop the car he was in, in order to touch/ bless a handicapped young man on a wheel chair behind a barricade of people waving to the Pope as his car passed by. Pope Francis is certainly a great Man – in words, deeds n spirituality.

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