Visualization is a step to success because when you visualize something you can achieve it. Visualization is a method of engaging the mind to imagine a particular outcome. When you visualize, you use your imagination to picture yourself in a situation that has not happened, having or doing something you want and achieving the results that you desire.

Picture yourself as succeeding, as winning, at work, at play, with your family, and your friends. See people responding to you and feel what it is like to be successful. Continue to develop these positive visuals of yourself each day. Consider what kind of feelings you would have at the time of your success. Enjoy that feeling. Successful people visualize their success often.

If you wish to start something or introduce a change in your life, your career, your family, then write it down. Describe in detail the success of the change. Describe yourself at the time of success. How do you feel? What do you hear? Is there anyone with you? Play this scene in your mind again and again.

Sports Men and Women

Sports men and women, for example, practice visualization. They picture themselves winning in advance and they repeat to themselves what it is that they wish to accomplish. Olympic athletes visualize performing their routine perfectly. In their visualized scene, they can hear the crowd roar in appreciation when they have earned a perfect score from the judges. They can feel the deep satisfaction of victory.

Carl Lewis, the great track and field athlete attributed his success on the field to visualization. He said, “I win because I see myself winning in advance.” Before winning his ninth gold medal, Carl Lewis said, “I have to be better than myself mentally.” Jack Nicklaus believes half of a great shot is visualizing its success. Before every swing, he would imagine the ball’s perfect flight. The Chicago Bulls players were taught visualization by their coach, Phil Johnson.

We can take a lesson from them and use visualization to help us achieve success in our daily work.

Other Examples

Many other celebrities have also used visualization successfully. At the age of five, the singer Celine Dion pictured herself selling millions of records and singing to thousands of people. Before she became a star, the comedy actress, Carol Burnett visualised a successful acting career and she could hear generous applause. Likewise, Jim Carey, the comedian, at the start of his career, pictured himself receiving large sums of money for his services.

Then there was Arnold Schwarzeneggar, the multi-millionaire, movie star, politician and five time winner of the Mr Universe title. He visualized being and having what he wanted. At the Mr Universe competition he pictured himself winning the title again and again. He also visualized himself as a successful actor earning a large fee. He could feel the success.

One other celebrity who used visualization when he was incarcerated and imagined his freedom was Nelson Mandela. He lived in a very small cell, just 6 feet wide. He just saw one visitor every six months.. Nelson Mandela said, “I thought of the day when I would walk free. Over and over again, I fantasized about what I would like to do.” He also said, “I am an optimist.”

What Is An Optimist?

An Optimist has been described as a confident, gregarious person able to solve problems and maximize benefits, A pessimist, on the other hand has been described as a suspicious, sullen person who is sure that the only cloud in the sky will cause a hurricane. According to Reginald B. Mansell, “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities; an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties,”

Optimists are fabulous people to have at your workplace, in your community and among your friends. They appreciate the good qualities in friends and they support their friends at all times. Optimists are generous in their enthusiasm about the success of others. They congratulate them and speak of their success to others. In short they are happy when their friends do well.

Optimists are positive about everything. They can see the good in people, projects and activities. They believe that anything can be achieved and accomplished. Missions, goals and objectives can be realized. They are not difficult or insurmountable.

One other characteristic of optimists is that they do not dwell on past mistakes and errors. They may have created a blunder, said something wrong or caused a problem but they do not think about it all the time. They do not play and replay the situation in their mind and they do not wallow in regret about their mistake. They do not use precious energy and time thinking about the past. Instead, they look forward to the next situation enthusiastically and they are always ready to face the next challenge.

Keen as they are to face a new challenge, optimists are always willing to learn and to improve themselves. They look forward to being better, learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge. They are not content to be the same and therefor seek change for the better.

Optimists generally are not worried and they enjoy peace of mind. Hence they get on with other people. One feels comfortable with an optimist. Optimists tend not to get angry and they present a congenial demeanour.

Be optimistic. Face problems and challenges with enthusiasm. Develop the will to achieve and believe that you can achieve!

Here are two quotations you will like:

“An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.” Herbert V. Prochnow

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”
Clement Stone


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