If only the following existed, the world would be such a happy place. If only the following were practised, the world would be a comfortable place. If only the following were implemented, the world would be a free and secure place for everyone. If only the following were put into place, people of all nationalities would be living in peaceful, joyous existence, in harmony with each other. Well, what are the following? What are the essentials that will help to create a happy world? What, indeed, will make people live a good and happy life? What are the ingredients that will remove all the cruel, unpleasant abuses and assaults in this world? In this post I describe very briefly some of the essentials for a happy world.


The first is a need for Tolerance. People must be tolerant of each other’s beliefs, values and practices. We should recognize that others have their own beliefs, values and practices and we should not force our beliefs and ideas on others. The violence, the attacks, the abuse that occurs all over the world is often the result of a lack of tolerance on the part of people.

When people are of the view that only their approach to life is the right and best way, they lack the ability to appreciate the way taken by others. If only they could see that they should not be critical of others and their way of life. Instead, they should allow people to live their lives in their own way.


The second is a need for Kindness and Unity. There is a greater need now for people to be kind to one another and to help one another along the way. The division between the rich people of this world and the poor is even bigger now. Feeling poor creates an insecurity that can result in protests and violence. We have seen this occur in various parts of the world. It is essential that people should reach out to others. It is important for the rich not to alienate themselves from the poor. They should not shut themselves away and live in their world of branded items, luxurious lifestyle and expensive products oblivious of the problems of the poor.


The third is the need for Freedom to think, act and behave in a responsible manner. When we are constantly told what to do and how to live our lives, when we are preached about the right conduct and the right behaviour and when we are denied the opportunity to think for ourselves, we fail to live happy lives. Instead, we are like robots performing similar functions. We end up looking alike and conforming to standards set by others. Life becomes mechanical and lacking in spirit and fun!


The fourth is the need for Education to be made easily available to everyone. Knowledge enables people to work and be productive. When we are productive we can achieve and we feel good when we do so. Knowledge also enables us to think and contemplate on issues, on situations, on problems, on development. People can reason and they can be aware of what is right and what is wrong. They will not be easily prejudiced and swayed into accepting false ideas.


The fifth is to acquire a love and desire for Peace. When we appreciate Peace, we will avoid all vexatious, violent and cruel practices. Instead, we will seek out peaceful measures and live in a peaceful existence with everyone. We will not hurt others and we will treat each other well. Families and communities who practice Peace enjoy a comfortable and happy relationship with each other.


The sixth is to learn to Love everyone. Our lives change for the better and become more interesting when we love more. By creating a loving environment we provide opportunity for people to be the best that they can be. When you love each other you are more relaxed. You avoid anger and using words that hurt. Love removes negativity. Accept each other for whom and what they are and give them your respect.


The seventh is Humility. If only people were humble and not arrogant towards each other, the world would be such a happy place. When people think that they know more than others about everything, when people consider themselves superior to others and when people believe that they are pure and special compared to others, they create distrust and unhappiness. The distrust can lead to abuse and violence. We should trust each other and treat each other as equals. There is no need for us to look down on other people.


The eight is the need to be Generous. When leaders and individuals choose to be greedy, especially for Power, they generate unhappiness. People become resentful when they see leaders undertake unpleasant measures to control them and to remain in authority. If only we could be more generous towards each other and share all aspects of life with each other.


The ninth is the need for all of us to learn how to be Happy. There are simple activities to apply which will make you happy. When a person is happy, he or she will not grudge what other people have, resent others and be hateful. Life is great and we can all do things every day to keep ourselves happy.


The tenth is the need to stay Positive. Develop a positive attitude to life and then you will find that life is good. You will avoid conflict and tension. If only everyone would practice this the world would be a happy one.

I leave you with this quotation by Hina Hashmi:

“We need to be our own guide. We can live a much more peaceful and happy life if we think about positive growth of ourselves and others, and its effects on the universe.”

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