STOP THE INSANITY: My Plea to Stop the Crimes and Sexual Jihad Performed by ISIS

When will this insanity end? When will the people conducting these insane activities realize that what they are doing is so wrong? It is a shame that there are people in this world who choose to perform acts of violence, cruelty and inhumane activities in the name of religion. Take ISIS…why does it think that it has the support of God in what it is doing? Any rational human being can tell that what ISIS is doing is not something supported by God. The reason for this is that God does not condone violence and cruelty. The world too, does not tolerate the crimes committed by ISIS. The acts committed by ISIS are not Islamic and they do not manifest the ideals of Islam. ISIS activities are contrary to the ideals of Islam. Islam promotes and upholds justice, kindness, fairness, freedom of faith and coexistence.

ISIS Members are Terrorists

The sad state of affairs has made many of us view ISIS as a group of terrorists who have little or no understanding and knowledge of the religion Islam. This group of bandits has decided to be hostile to everyone who has different views, values and beliefs from it. If you are a good Muslim you would not be against people who think differently, and who maintain other values and beliefs from yourself. It is my view that ISIS is made up of unhappy people, insecure individuals and generally people with poor personalities. Such people have a tendency to be suspicious of others and to regard everyone else as enemies.

ISIS is a violent group and there is no religion which promotes violence. Islam does not promote violence. Religion and violence do not go together. Each day we read of hateful, repulsive crimes committed by ISIS. The killing of the American journalists was repulsive and ugly. Innocent men, women and children have been killed in violent attacks by ISIS. ISIS is cruel. It is definitely not an Islamic group.

Sexual Jihad

Any rational thinking human being can see that by asking women to perform sexual jihad, ISIS is being abusive to women. The group is taking advantage of vulnerable women and using their bodies. The woman who goes to perform sexual jihad is merely exposing herself to abuse. She will be treated like a piece of meat, which when it has been used, will be discarded and thrown aside. Women should not allow themselves to be persuaded to join ISIS and to be a sex machine for the men. They should think of what the consequences of their role as a sex machine will be.

History has revealed that women who perform the role of comfort women are spiritually, emotionally and physically destroyed. They are traumatized by the experience and their self- esteem is eroded. They find it difficult to relate to other men and they face a bleak future.

Women should not be swayed by the sentimental calls of ISIS. The ISIS calls promise women who perform sexual jihad benefits, all of which are inaccurate, dishonest and not religious. They only reveal that ISIS has wrongly interpreted the teachings of Islam. God does not approve of women used as sex machines.

Questions to Consider

Women who wish to join ISIS for sexual jihad should ask themselves the following questions:

• What do I think of myself and my body?
• Do I have no self-respect?
• Will I be losing my dignity and self-esteem by allowing ISIS men to use and abuse my body?
• Will I be exposing myself to sexual diseases?
• Will I be giving myself to physical abuse from strange men?
• Will my spirit be reduced to nothing and will I hate myself after this episode?
• Will I be filled with anxiety after this experience?
• Why should I humiliate myself and allow strange men to abuse my body?
• Is my body not my own?
• Am I allowing the men in ISIS to use, possess and consume me like a plaything?
• What do I know about Islam?
• Does Islam permit this?
• Will God approve and applaud what I do?

Women should shun ISIS. They should challenge the group. We need to fight against this group and their abusive attempts to control and manipulate women.

What We Need To Do

The members of ISIS are depraved. They kill innocent people and they generate fear and hostility everywhere they go. Both men and women of all races, all nationalities and of all religions, need to speak up against this insanity. We need to join hands and protest against this insanity. We need to bond with each other and support each other in this battle against this insanity. Stop the Insanity and let us work for a harmonious and happy society.

Violence, Cowards and Love

I stated my Blog with a piece titled Only Cowards Choose Violence. It is my view that people who perform acts of violence are basically cowards. In this post I also stated that violence fails to promote causes or convert people to another ideology, religion or politics. Do read my post for more information on the topic. I followed my first post with another post about Love. I am of the view that Love is what will bring sanity into this world. Let us love each other, irrespective of our different religions, views, principles and beliefs.

God put us on this earth to be happy, to be kind to each other and to live harmoniously with one and another. We should come together as humans for a common cause and create a world of justice, love and peace. If we are all a little more loving to each other, the world would be a happier place.

I leave you with this quote by Viktor Frankl:

“Love is the ultimate and highest goal one can aspire. The salvation of humanity is through love and in love.”

9 thoughts on “STOP THE INSANITY: My Plea to Stop the Crimes and Sexual Jihad Performed by ISIS”

  1. I cannot agree with you more. ISIS is a depraved lot. But what I am equally, if not more saddened about is that Christian groups have not spoken up to condemn this depravity. Is it because they are against LGBT?

  2. Totally agree with you Zaibun. I wish that more Muslims and Muslim groups and organizations and countries with Muslim majority (or even minorities) and Muslim leaders would stand up and loudly and unequivocably condemn ISIS as a bunch of depraved and dangerous lot and declare that what they are doing and propagating are wholly un-Islamic.

  3. Hi Zaibun,

    Thanks for yet another insightful account of another world problem highlighting the savage killings in the Middle East.
    One can hardly disagree with the notion that the world is presently in a state of utter disarray. The wars in the Middle East and Europe, Mass migration affecting Europe, America and Australia and International Jihadism are just some examples.
    Whilst there might be some argument over what exactly has stimulated these conflagrations there is universal agreement that they have placed the world in its most precarious position since the great wars .
    In my view, to attach a religious dimension to any of them is misguided and might even inflame an already flammable situation. No religion advocates brutality or condones the massacre of innocent people. So, what might be the cause(s) for this World (Dis)Order? I fervently believe that the deepening rift in the world resulting in a group of “haves” on the one hand and a group of “have-nots” is fundamentally responsible for the chaos we are witnessing today. For many years, I have been troubled by a rather simple question. Why should an UNemployed man who has made no contribution to society in the developed world be in a position to enjoy a standard of living that is only a mirage in the developing world. For example, why should a farmer in India who toils for the best part of each day simply find himself in debt that leads him to suicide. Or, why should the cocoa bean collector in West Africa struggle to merely stay alive whilst the chocolate maker who buys his beans for a pittance enjoys a life of luxury. There are numerous such imponderables that I believe serve to fuel flashpoints that we are witnessing globally. The disparity in wealth between the two Regions has naturally created a deep seated desire to emulate the living standards of the “haves” at whatever cost including illegal migration. This is simply human. Why have the “haves” not realised this? Is there no longer a sense of care and concern between all fellow men and women in the world. More time and money needs to be spent in these poorer countries to generate wealth. The current methods of Aid distribution have clearly failed and must be changed. Equitable living standards must be the goal for every citizen of this planet.

    A change of World Order is inevitable. However, there seems to be a great reluctance to accept an inevitable change in world order. The sooner we come to terms with and accept the incipient change in World Order, the sooner we will see a return to normalcy.

    I hope these thoughts are sufficiently provocative to generate further discussion within your readership.

    In conclusion, I will end with a quote from Robert Mugabe in his crusade against an allied problem: “Racism will never end as long as those who don’t pay their bills are Blacklisted not White listed”.

    Mugabe may be a little over the top and regarded as a pariah by much of the Developed World but it is important for us all to change our mindsets and stereotypes if we are to make any inroads towards a more peaceful world.

    Thank you.

  4. 1. I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Shariah.
    But from my little understanding of the subject, coupled with my rational mind I am sure that this ‘latest version of jihad’ cannot be right.

    2. I pray that this insanity and abuse of women and their dignity in the name of religion stops, God Willing.

  5. We thought Al Qaeda was the most extreme. Now it has been overtaken by ISIS which is considered cruel and extreme. Will there be an even more awful terrorist group in the future ?

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